The Electric Joy-Ride

This is a festival project of standing bicycle. The back wheel is connected to an alternator which produces energy when the bicycle are used

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This is a project I've done for a festival two years ago. The project in a few words:

Bicycle on a stand, where the back wheel connected to an alternator which produces energy when the bicycles are in use. The energy was being used for:
Charging a lead acid 12V battery.
Lighting a massive (~300) WS2812 RGB led strip.
Charging your phone.
Turning on a fan in the front.
Activate an Arduino and 4-digit 7-segment in the front which shows a timer and your speed.
Extra feature: On the back wheel there was also another Arduino with 4 RGB strips which change their color according to the wheel speed
This is pretty much how it looked like in the festival:

More videos, photos and description in my blog

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bradashtonoutreach wrote 11/06/2023 at 16:46 point

It is a good project. But I would recommend you to work on electric bikes. Because the future of mountain bike is very promising. For more information visit this website.

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