Glowing Coasters - Great Wedding Favors

This is a DIY wedding favors/gifts which I made for my wedding - A glowing coasters with led and battery with laser cut curving and cutting

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This is a DIY wedding favors/gifts which me and my wife made for our wedding - We made perspex (Acrylite , Plexiglas... It has many names) coasters. On the coasters we laser-cut our names, and laser-engraved the Wedding date and a nice icon we chose. The twist was cutting a place for a CR3202 battery and a 3mm led, which when turned on, lights the entire coaster, and makes the cut and engraved parts glow. A movie is worth a thousand words (times the frames) so take a look:

The rest of the description, photos and videos can be found on my blog:

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mikewolflamar wrote 12/25/2019 at 12:28 point

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