Livingroom Atmosphere Lights Controlled by ESP8266

In this project An ESP8266 controls a 7 meters RGB 12V led strip. It receives data through a websocket. It supports mdns and OTA updates

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Just moved to a new house, so I decided to combine business with pleasure and created a cool atmosphere lights for my living-room. This project consists:

An ESP8266 which controls a 7 meters, 5050 RGB 12V led strip, 60Leds/meter.
The ESP is connected to the house router via WiFi.
The ESP receives data through a websocket on port 81, which means it can be controlled from any browser/OS.
It supports mdns, so no need for IP address to communicate with the ESP (Partially at the moment).
It supports OTA (Over-The-Air) updates - So no need to connect it to the computer to update the code.
Here's a video of how it looks like:

The rest of the description, photos and videos can be found on my blog:

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ryan wrote 12/12/2016 at 04:04 point

Great that you've published that, Looks cool.... Are you adding any other sensors to each module?

I've gone with MQTT for the Control, I just publish Colour Values to an MQTT Topic for each Light, That way all the lights are on DHCP and IP doesn't matter... The TopicName is stored in flash too so each module doesn't need it's own Firmware...

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