I will fill more details in later, but here's my concept:

An affordable (under $100) reading glass solution for people with impaired vision that can't use magnifying lenses. My parents have Macular Degneration and at a certain point in time the magnification they need makes the lens too small to actually use effectively to read the paper or a book. We've been exploring existing tech, but it's all very expensive and often hard to use. I came up with the idea after considering that all these approaches were trying to reinvent something new and I thought rather than make something new use technology to make something existing better like reading glasses. The idea is the device is used just like reading glasses are. You put them on and read. I think the tech should be as simple as possible.

I think there should be a power switch and a slider or knob for zoom. The circuitry/computer only processes the input from the camera and drives the display with the ability to zoom. And maybe a light for low light situations. I think the bulk of the device should rest on the body at the base of a eyeglass strap.

I've also considered making the device something you can affix to existing glasses and think that might be an even simpler solution and cheaper. I am a pcb designer by trade with more skills on hardware construction than the software side. My main skill deficit is in the area of video drivers. I welcome any advice and help.

I would like in the end to make a simple, cheap aid for people with vision problems.