Automated Blinds platform

An inexpensive motorized control for opening blind slats and fully opening blinds.

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This project is not only for the lazy, but also those who may not be able to manually operate a blinds system. Perhaps the rod to open the slats is behind some furniture? I am aiming to have two separate devices that can work together to control a blind set. One device that can operate the slat opening rod and a separate device for lifting up blinds and showing the window. Everything is connected to the internet these days so why not your blinds? I am also going to add an IR receiver for those in the world without a smartphone/tablet but still have a TV. Allow the ability to teach the device a button on a TV remote that doesn't actually do anything on the TV. There seems to be some of those on a remote.

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hardyboyz4u wrote 05/22/2019 at 20:43 point

any update ?

i am trying to implement fauxmo librabry for alexa but no luck :/ i also have plan to add ir receiver so i can use tv remote when internet is down

schematic -

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