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A digital instrument with all the flare of a trombone, with the power and flexibility of an MIDI instrument

Craig HissettCraig Hissett 03/22/2018 at 01:340 Comments

Tonight I have made a start on developing a sketch for the Arduino.

The Arduino has two main functions in this project; to read a variety of buttons and sensors, and to send a command to the Pi based on its readings.

For testing and prototyping I have decided to write a simple menu for the LCD button shield that allows me to manually select data to send.

At present the left and right buttons cycle through the chromatic note scale, and the up/down buttons step the range number up and down. The select button outputs both the note and range to serial.

The arduino is also running a function that reads both potentiometer readings and combine them. This function does not appear on screen just yet, but it will certainly be used at the core of any slide processing that will determine the note being played.

Next step is to develop the python scripts some more and add a serial handle, then I will be able to transfer development from my Tinkerboard 👌