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A project log for Mr. Runner

Creating a four legged robot with a running bound gait.

alex-martinAlex Martin 09/08/2016 at 01:521 Comment

Just submitted an order to @oshpark!

This board is based off the incredible Botboarduino by Lynxmotion ( It has some features removed (speaker, some IO etc), and some features added. The new additions are:

- Current sensing (ACS715)

- Bluetooth (BlueSMIRF)

- Juicier battery traces with ring terminal connectors

The premise of the design was to keep the components as tight as possible (hence mostly surface mount), have the servo connectors / power connectors on the same side, and the USB connector opposite to the servos / power. This board will be mounted in the rear body of the robot (not much space!) so it needs to be concise and well organized.


Board view:

I got lucky and the design was sent off the fab immediately after it was submitted, so the boards should be here in around a week. Alright!


oshpark wrote 09/22/2016 at 06:31 point

Awesome project!  We look forward to future updates

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