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A project log for Increasing speed & range of sandals

Hack sandals for running.

lion mclionheadlion mclionhead 02/25/2019 at 17:340 Comments

The journey began with a template of a modified Walmart sandal with the holes punched.

These can be arranged better, to allow more scrap foam to be reused.  You're out of luck if your paws are longer than 12".

E6000 was applied.

Soling was cut 1/8" bigger around the sides but not the length, to prevent sideways expansion of the foam from pressing the string directly on pavement.  The length of sole could be neglected.

Then came the plastic bits for reinforcing the foam. The latest measurements for the plastic bits:

String was installed.  Sizing the rear string is hard.  For lions, the piece on the inside of the paw needs to be 5" & the piece on the outside of the paw needs to be 1".

The rear string is pulled tight, with the relative lengths of the 2 sides kept at a 4" difference.

Then the heel segment is pulled out to 1/2" beyond the back.

The rear string is wrapped around itself 3 times.  The inner segment is now longer than the outer segment, allowing them to be fastened on the outside of the paw.

Fasteners are installed.

Rear laces fastened.

Front laces are installed.  Important to keep the scotch tape as far from the toes as possible, so it's really a double pass for most of its length.

After experiencing short lifetimes with 1mm soling material, a 2mm soling material was ordered.  Lions are grateful for the amount of soling material sold separately for the weird pasttime of making shoes. 

 The soles were placed directly over all the foam, laces, & plastic reinforcements, revealing a solid rubber underside. 

Method of adhering the soles to the EVA:

Extra laces are trimmed.  CA glue is applied to the ends.
The extra soling material was manely placed on the outside of the paw, where the string experiences the most wear.