Still in its infancy and not thoroughly thought out I will be trying to make an ionic wind craft at scale to demonstrate the technology.

Information here

I will be going with a different design probably vs the annular golden ratio wing seen in the picture. It's just too hard to design and print. Maybe when I can afford a real CAD package or learn solidworks I will design it algorithmically I can't imagine that will be a simple equation though.

I think my other idea will work better however with distributed electric propulsion fans, but small low cost cockroft walton generators are available so its worth a shot.

With a sufficiently light craft creating an ion wind 90,000 feet is easily doable, a NASA glider is attempting to do just that by riding winds coming over the Himalayas. From there an inductively coupled water plasma should get it to orbit. The water will be generated from hydrogen and oxygen reacting in a fuel cell producing the necessary electrical energy to accelerate the plasma to ludicrous speed.

Hydrogen and oxygen will be generated with my nitrogen doped carbon catalysts getting energy from the sun with my graphene thermoelectric arrays.

When anyone can get to space for a couple hundred dollars we are all astronauts.