SimpliBox IO is an universal USB IO module with the following features:

• HID USB device – no drivers needed
• 2 relay outputs 240V / 2A (NO, NC and COM)
• 2 opto isolated inputs 5...24VDC
• Status LEDs for any input and output
• Open source firmware available
• Sample code for Python (for example for Raspberry Pi) available
• Sample code for C++ for Windows & Linux PC available
• No additional power supply needed
• Comes in kit form (THT parts only)
• Fits perfect in an optional 3 module cab rail enclosure

How it works:

SimpliBox don't needs USB drivers because of HID technology. It's very easy to combine it with various hosts, different operating systems (Linux, Windows...) and platforms (PC, Laptops, Raspberry Pi, Beagle Bone...)

It based on an ATMEL ATTINY45 microcontroller which runs a firmware with V-USB stack. We have only 5 free IO pins, but we need 6 pins for 2 outputs, 2 inputs and 2 USB GPIOs. The solution is the internal ADC. We measure the voltage of an internal voltage divider. Single resistors are bypassed by the phototransistors of the optocoupler. This is the simple solution for our problem with the pin count.

Please take a look to our website for more information. We provide the schematics, firmware, sample code in Python, C++, C# and also a detailed construction manual there.