Star Citizen Rapid Access Panel

Making an input controller with extra buttons for games.

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I recently started following the Star CItizen game. I really like it and the immersion reminds me of my MechWarrior II and x-wing vs Tie Fighter days.
I bought a Hotas (hands on throttle and stick) a while ago, but couldn't really use it in the game I bought it for. Now I can use it, but the setup can of course be adapted to get more functionality.

I am starting to get more ideas for this project, most of them will eventually require a USB HID-joystick. Making one of those is one of my goals.

I usually like to design and make my own PCB's but this time I decided not to. The hardware will probably be an arduino pro micro, it's too cheap to ignore and precisely the hardware I would make if I did it myself. But I don't know if I'm going to use the arduino software. Usually I write in assembly, but creating a whole USB compliant device in .asm might be a bit too much. However, my last C project was a long time ago (not counting the first prototype in this project) and I don't have any experience with the arduino language (don't even know what it's called). I think I wil continue modifying the atmel appnote to get a basic HID- joystick.

My idea for a third build involves more non-electronic hardware.

  • Keyboard hack(saw)ing

    Martijn12/27/2015 at 23:29 0 comments

    I had another idea for creating more input buttons for PC games. And I made a new prototype or rather a proof of concept. I went to the recycling store, got me a nice old keyboard, and started this build without a set plan.

    In Star Citizen there are a number of functions bound to the numpad, but those would also be nice to have near the left hand. And my throttle-keyboard-mouse-joystick setup is a bit too wide, so I decided to check if it would be nice to have a numpad near my left hand. Here is a very fast and short recap:

    Here is the long version; A 4 hour playlist on my youtube channel.

    The new trick I learned is gluing ABS with a slurry of acetone and ABS filings. (Not 100% sure the keyboard is made of ABS, but I think it is) It kinda works OK if you don't heat it afterwards.

  • First prototype

    Martijn12/20/2015 at 18:55 0 comments

    Here is a short video about the building of my first prototype. One of the things I would like to build is a button panel. This one is based on an HID-Keyboard from an atmel appnote.

    It's more like a proof of concept. I've already moved on to a new test build.

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