Using (nanoparticula isopainel) temperatur

Redução de até 15% no consumo de energia elétrica no sistema de refrigeração e congelação produtos. Que o fato de que o projeto que faz o ca

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Reduction of up to 15% in the consumption of electric energy in the cooling system and freezing products. That the fact that the project that makes the marriage of isopaineis with nanotechnology .With the development of a composite material that prevents heat passage to the chamber.
The isopainel with nanoparticles promises greater efficiency in the thermal insulation of cold cameras.
or pays or contributes to study the paypal account
  • 1 × densimetro
  • 1 × sensor temperatura
  • 1 × computador i 7
  • 1 × programação C
  • 1 × placas isopainel alteradas forma geometrica e composição

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    The growing development and application of "smart" materials in other industries is opening up new possibilities in building design. 'Digital Matter intelligent buildings'.

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Jose Pedro R. A. Ribeiro wrote 01/31/2016 at 13:41 point

not cling to photos have patience and read the technical files and theories, oh yes can criticize

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Brian wrote 01/30/2016 at 23:30 point

Why do you keep creating these ridiculous IO entries using other peoples copyrighted photo's?

This is not a kickstarter site!

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