Parts arrive! Oh god! My eyes!

A project log for Ultrasonic motion sensing RGB-lights

Motion sensing RGB led strip lights for my apartments lobby.

Timo HyvönenTimo Hyvönen 12/24/2015 at 22:580 Comments

Took a few weeks but all the needed parts have arrived. Unfortunately I didn't get the 30 leds / meter led strip, I think someone messed up in the warehouse and shipped only the 60 leds /meter option. Or maybe they were out of stock... either way, this will do. As the WS2812B is an addressable led strip, i can just simply turn of every other led to get that 30 leds/meter effect.

I tested the led strip in the hallway with full power. The test led strip was only a 70 cm piece and with full power it lit up the whole corridor. I could just have one strip and use it to light up everything but that would be just too easy... and easy is boring. I don't want my projects to be boring.

Here's few pictures of my test setup. The 70cm piece of led strip draws a 5W of power and thats a lot of current. We will see how my setup will work when I need to have a around 10 meters continuous cable with led strip and wire with soldering. The resistance and current will be an issue. One solution is to have a separate wires for half of the led strips so that the led strip and soldering would not build up too much resistance...