Getting a custom firmware to the ESP8266

A project log for Ultrasonic motion sensing RGB-lights

Motion sensing RGB led strip lights for my apartments lobby.

Timo HyvönenTimo Hyvönen 12/24/2015 at 23:370 Comments

Took a few nights and days to get familiar with the ESP8266 module. The most annoying problem was that the firmware uploading stopped at random point. The fix was to change the USB-cable which I connected the FTDI-programmer to a shorter one. No more upload failures. The best uploader I found was the "Electodragon ESP8266 firmware flasher". But when I changed the usb cable the uploading from the Arduino IDE was also fixed. Hoorayy!

I'm using the arduino language so I can get things done quickly. At some point I might need to change to the LUA-language, but I can get some experience on the ESP8266 before the change. The Arduino examples are quite cool and with lots of features. For a small and inexpensive module the ESP8266 does lots of things. The Jeelabs ESP-link is really well done and shows the potential of the small module. I tested few basic blink programs and the module seems to be working.

Looks very promising.