Version from 0.72 to 0.76. 3D modeling and proof of concept

A project log for Ultrasonic motion sensing RGB-lights

Motion sensing RGB led strip lights for my apartments lobby.

Timo HyvönenTimo Hyvönen 12/27/2015 at 17:550 Comments

For the software the following features have been added:

- Parameters are saved to the EEPROM after new settings have been submitted through the settings-page

- I tried to add some ESP8266 power saving features with no luck (the module takes ~100mA all the time)

- Parameter to change the direction of the led light-up

- Added a test page to manually input Ultrasonic sensor "distance"-values

- Added some multiprosessing abilities with ElapsetMillis

- Added a pulsetimeout for the Ultrasonic Sensors "PulseIn"-command

The code is progressing nicely so I was ready to do a POC (Proof of concept). I modelled a bracket for the ultrasonic sensor so I could set it behind the floor trim. Printed out few test pieces and remodeled the bracket to fit the sensor. The bracket is working nicely, had to bend it a bit to get good readings from the sensor. The sensor initially was reading 6 centimeters, I think the horizontal trimming was the cause of the problem.

The POC is working. Still much work to be done but nothing seems impossible at this stage.