Serial Commands

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This is the help screen through the terminal. It has all the commands and examples and explinations of use

Serial Commands available

H display this help screen

Example H

F Flush serial input buffer

Example F

L Load from storage to running array

Example L _ _ where blanks are the array number

S Save from running to storage array

Example S _ _ where blanks are the array number

O Change one color channel on a bulb

Example O _ _|_|_ _ _|_ _

E.G. O|bulb|color|intensity|array O24R25500

A Change all color channels on a bulb

Example A _ _|_ _ _|_ _ _|_ _ _|_ _

E.G. A|bulb|Red|Green|Blue|array A2425525525500


16 arrays are available with 0 being the current running state.

Bulbs are zero indexed, with there being 25 bulbs any number over 24 applies to all bulbs

All integers must have leading zeros.

Nothing is case sensitive.

Three digit numbers are bytes and therefore up to 255.