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A project log for Family Sync & Home Control Panel

Wall mounted touchscreen to keep family in sync, and home automation control panel.

mark-kuhlmannMark Kuhlmann 01/01/2016 at 19:500 Comments

i decided to try Homegenie for the home automation software and got it up and running fairly quickly. I also installed the Aeotec micro switch module to control my outside garage lights. The garage lights can only be switched from inside the garage and there's no access to the garage from inside the house. It has always been annoying to light the driveway with my garage lights until today!

Once the micro module was installed in the 2 gang switch box I "included" into the system with the z-stick. I added it as a module in Homegenie and it just worked. I'm really excited about this feature and can't wait to add some more home automation features. Here's a video showing the panel controlling the outside garage lights:

Next up is mounting the panel!