Panel mounted and completed!

A project log for Family Sync & Home Control Panel

Wall mounted touchscreen to keep family in sync, and home automation control panel.

mark-kuhlmannMark Kuhlmann 01/05/2016 at 13:360 Comments

Well I finally was able to mount the panel and complete the project last night! I Used some 3/4" aluminum angle mounted to the wall with toggle bolts. I drilled some holes through the top of the frame and through the angle and glued nuts to the angle over the holes. I would have liked to use jb weld or thicker angle and threaded it but this was all that was available. Since the screws will just be preventing the panel from falling off the angle I figured hot glue was enough to keep the nuts in place.

Once the angle was made I had to install the recessed outlet box. I wanted the panel mounted in a way that didn't show any wiring so a recessed tv box and a low profile power adapter would do the trick. I hardwired the outlet in the recessed box from the light switch below.

Once the outlet was wired and the angle mounted it was time to install the panel!