A project log for Family Sync & Home Control Panel

Wall mounted touchscreen to keep family in sync, and home automation control panel.

mark-kuhlmannMark Kuhlmann 01/13/2016 at 13:160 Comments

It's been up and running for over a week and I just wanted to post my thoughts.

1) It's been adopted quite well by my wife and it's already proving to be very useful with grocery lists, appointments, and useful weather info on the way out the door.

2) While I've been using HomeGenie for the automation aspect, and I have no issues with it so far I'm still looking into openHAB. OpenHAB seems to support many more devices and have a lot more support. I just need to get past the initial learning curve since I do not have a background in anything relating to what I need to learn to make it work. I've started playing with the software on my laptop just until I can get it up and running. I'll transfer over to the panel once I'm confident in deploying it.

3) Wifi - The wifi on the mini pc is doing fine for the minimal amount of data required for its core functions, but it isn't capable of streaming a movie from my NAS or playing a stream online. I may look into a nano usb wifi dongle to see if that helps. The bluetooth doesn't seem to have any issues.