Development of a variety of shrouds for the front end is ongoing. It's amazing how a different package can change the whole feel of a project!

Landing gear is a consideration if you want to hang a GoPro or gimbal. I am looking at using three retractables from Tarot as the three points of ground contact. The front two could retract below the prop on the front arm, forming a prop-guard. An antenna can be hidden in the rear gear and retracted so it points out and away from the quad, minimizing radio interference. I will throw in some pics soon for clarification.

The drive system needs a little beefing to carry anything but the airframe itself. 2814s at 1400Kvh would probably do nicely. The original build used a KK2.1.5 flight controller, a Q-brain 20A ESC and a Turnigy 6channel transmitter/receiver package. All worked great together.