Main Connector Body Design

A project log for Raptor V-Tail Quadcopter Drone

Original design v-tail quadcopter, all pieces 3D printed. 2213 935kv motors running 10.5 inch props with a 4400mah battery. 09/27/2017 at 04:530 Comments

I took a close look at my tail section and noticed it really resembled a vertebra. The main body connecting the tail section to the front arms followed this skeletal design form with the main connector piece between tail and 'hub' section being a plain, yet grooved extrusion of the terminating vertebral cross-section of the tail. 

The grooves were designed with two things in mind; form and cable routing. Small 2mm x 4mm cutouts were placed intermittently along the connector to accomodate zip ties to keep the cabling in place. I also included an internal channel with a dual purpose role in mind; this channel could be used as a conduit for wires if I decided all wiring should be internal, and also as possible location for a carbon fibre reinforcing rod. I thought this was such a good idea that I extended the concept of internal conduits for reinforcement out to the 'vertebral wings', sized to accomodate an aluminum arrow shaft.