Complete conversion from Da Vinci Jr to Prusa I3 style printer, using most of the parts from the Da Vinci Jr

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Cross posted on my site, will update here soon

Using the parts obtained from tearing down a Da Vinvi Jr 3D printer, I will be creating a conversion kit. 

The Y axis and frame are already modeled and parts are being printed and tested now. The goal here is to make a more stable capable printer from the parts, I will use as much as possible from the donor printer. 

The only parts that need to be purchased is a lot of M4 10mm bolts and M4 nuts. I have opted for GT2 6mm belts and pulleys (20T), a ramps 1.4 controller and a reprap LCD.

  • half of the x axis is done

    Jeremy g.03/17/2018 at 22:52 0 comments

    Finaly got the x axis mount finished, it's a bit bulkier than I wanted but I have decided to use the extruder from the Da Vinci jr as well as it's x carriage thus the rail offset. 

    the extruder looks fine and should work rather well, the quick release mechanism actually holds the extruder quick snug.

    I'll do a log on how to prepare the extruder for use with this setup soon, we need to reroute some thing and remove the circuit board that's in it.

    I also have not figured out yet where I want the ramps controller, it's just there for now. I think the power supply is in a decent spot for now. I'll have to make a bracket for it ala Prusa I3 style

  • Zaxis bits are done.

    Jeremy g.03/17/2018 at 04:50 0 comments

    the Z bits are done! aside from the limit switch holder. I still have to come up with a brace bracket for the Z towers.

    The left side top Z bracket uses a 608zz bearing to steady the Z axis lead screw, along with a place to capture the smooth rod. I've added supports along the part to help keep it in place as it only bolts on to one side of the aluminum extrusion.

    The right side Z bracket is really a slimmed down version of the left side minus the lead screw 608zz bearing holder.

    Also I made a silly mistake in trying to finish the lower z section and added a support wall to the Z smooth rod capture post.. you can get a bolt into the back bracket.. so I removed that wall and punched holes through the piller. 

    all that's left to model is the support brackets for the Z towers and the entire x axis.. that one will be fun.

    so far I've printed all of the parts to check for fit etc. they seem to be good but I won't know for sure until I order a set of M4 nuts and bolts.

    I found a pretty good deal on 8 in x 8 inch by 6mm aluminium plates. I think those will work good for a bed once cut down.

    once I get everything modeled I will know what kind of printing volume we are looking at :)

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