"That's what the next revision is for"

A project log for (One More) Raspberry Pi Zero USB Hub

It seems as if everyone is making their own hubs for their Pi Zero these days.

embeddedn8embeddedn8 01/23/2016 at 04:300 Comments

The PCBs have arrived as have the parts from Digikey! Unfortunately, revision one has some major issues. Due to my negligence, the ground plane was not on the PCB I ordered from OSH Park :( This is a frustrating setback but will certainly be fixed shortly. In addition to sending the entire design this time, the new board will have several new features noted in the proposed changelog below.

-0603 footprint adjusted

-Micro-USB changed to part easier to hand solder

-One downstream port removed and replaced with Wifi module

-Ceramic antenna for Wifi added

-Oscillator footprint updated

-Global power LED added

Suggestions are certainly welcome!

Thanks to everyone for their advice and support. Revision two should be quite exciting.... Be sure to check back regularly!