Install 12 Volt DC in my house

Wanted to use some old deep cycle batteries instead of throwing them out

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I had 4 X 100 amp 10 year old Deep Cycle batteries which could not maintain their power when running motorhome electrics but were otherwise good... I decided that I wanted to run 12 volt through my house for

1. Modem
2. Bedside USB charging stations
3. Front and back door electronic locks and keypads
4. Bedside lighting (LED's give better light and dont get hot)
5. Emergency lighting (when the power fails LED lights come on in various rooms in the house)
6. LED lighting in a hallway linen cupboard activated by reed switches..
7. Added a car radio with USB input and speakers mounted in the ceiling of the kitchen.

I added 2 X 120 watt solar panels to the roof, a solar regulator and ran cables through the roof space to the necessary rooms and doors.

On the rare occasion we get a power failure we are able to find our way around the house, have internet access and listen to any necessary warnings or news on the

Its my first venture into low voltage possibilities

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