heres iges of one piece fuselage design

A project log for single stage to orbit robotic space plane

single stage to orbit home built space plane multi configurable morphing wing lifting body autonomous robotic or manned

starlordstarlord 04/04/2018 at 04:570 Comments

ok I am putting one of my fuselage  cad models in the files this is a one piece version easy to print just the bottom section though. the top sides  as can be seen in the cad model pics with the blue tail and engines. that top fairing has a real sharp edge on it its a unfinished piece that needs more work im using it to develop my folding wing openings better to come. lets get back to where I left off on the low down of my cock pit and cargo bay descriptions as said im using jettison able pods around 5 or 6 ft diameter around 8 or 9 ft tall this is all depending on ship scaling but settling in to a standard size commonalty would be desirable made out of carbon fiber with preferably some carbon carbon coating or at least some ablative paint this system is part of the build in redundancy and survivability ideally these pods could be jettisoned from high earth orbit for reentry in case of ship malfunction or if you where leaving your ship in orbit for other purposes but most likely these pods will be used for bailing out if something go's wrong midway through reentry  where you could still feel the burn just wearing a space suit this was done before in one of the most early Russian space plane designs where they had a jettison able traditional cockpit if you can call that traditional also these pods should be outfitted with ejection seats but I would have chutes and flotation devices on the pods incase you had to ride them all way in so how do you fly the ship cameras and screens a lot les weight plenty of redundancy plus the pilot pod is in the midsections of the ship again for safety as far as radiation micro meteorites and plain crash worthiness a vr goggle system for flight control would be highly desirable I would have only one piece of glass on the whole ship a round port hole anywhere from 6 to 12 in diameter on the top pod hatch with protective cover because first hand viewing in real time still cant be beat but also added redundancy I would have a periscope system in case you had to fly the ship line of sight.