3 piece fuselage

A project log for single stage to orbit robotic space plane

single stage to orbit home built space plane multi configurable morphing wing lifting body autonomous robotic or manned

starlordstarlord 04/04/2018 at 06:240 Comments

here's some pics of cad models I put in my files lets back track a bit and talk about these lifting body's these go all the way back to the early 1900s have you ever herd of Vincent burnelli a long forgotten aviation genius one of the fathers of lifting body fuselages that no one seams to talk about I believe but could be wrong he probably build and flown and designed more lifting body aircraft than anyone there's a lot of conspiracy theories of why current commercial aircraft don't look like his designs just look at his 1951 transport looks identical to Boeings new state of the art commercial transport my black raven design was inspired by some of his work so I would call my design a Bornelli black raven as tribute to him also this type of space plane is a Rutan class space plane to honor Burt Rutan for his work in both space craft and canard aircraft .ok enough of the bs back to lifting body reentry fuselages the work on my fuselage design  is still not quit where I want it to be I thank the currant design above is a good reentry hull but we are also looking for good atmosphere performance basically im still not happy with the geometry of the outer fuselage sections when I was cad modeling them I couldn't  quit get the lofting to work as wanted to get the front outer and rear blend the same as my helicopter drop test model also with the narrower rear sections I am wondering if I might end up having any porpoise sing problem like the early nasa lifting body's. a new prototype model will answer those questions I hope.