how a open source space plane,space program benefits humanity

A project log for single stage to orbit robotic space plane

single stage to orbit home built space plane multi configurable morphing wing lifting body autonomous robotic or manned

starlordstarlord 04/06/2018 at 06:570 Comments

how does a open source space plane, space program benefit humanity well that's a question with a million answers I could write a 300 or 400 page book on just that one question of just the obvious answers and implications but I will try to keep it simple and sort of brief.for part of the hack prize requirements. I actually read some of the rules and fine print which is a rare thing for me what can I say I was bored. also I will try not to offend any one as per hack rules which im very good at I will fake it a bit.after all I have the distinction of having a book banned on kick starter and indigogo not one but three times each it was a dam how to book to. I will leave it at that. ok the benefits first and for most money hard cash sweet beautiful luscious money the dough what makes the world go around but maybe in not the same way your thinking about yell you can make money by hauling junk up to orbit be a delivery boy for nasa like elon musk and get some big tax payers bucks or take some filthy rich bastards for a joy ride and empty out there pockets yell but I am talking about real money im talking money on a interplanetary intergalactic scale type of wealth like own your personal private planet scale of wealth because the one blaring screaming fact about developing a space transport system a space economy is a space based economy has no limits no boundary's and the only rules are the ones that you make. on earth if a nation states economy is not in a continues state of growth it falters then goes into decline think the last recession that wasn't nothing compared to a full blown modern day great depression set off by a few greedy bastards with all the implications that will come with it the modern nuclear hyper corporate media hyper social media warring tribes race factions political ideological groups all at each others throat's society could very easily collapse in to a total war situation going at it from all directions heralding in the new dark ages. when we finely move out of the hood called earth in significant numbers these people will be fully self sufficient self reliant with the same no bullshit don't fu#$% with me attitude that our for fathers had when we landed in America and wiped out the Indians the point I am making for the benefits of a open source space program it gives everyone a chance whether even or not its the reset the reset for humanity of course the space corporations will have the upper hand and be there own government's unto there self surpassing the nation states on earth but I think they will go on making the same dumb ass mistakes as governments do now and all the people who buy in to there bull shit and there descendants will whined up being slaves of some type like everyone reading this now.