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A project log for single stage to orbit robotic space plane

single stage to orbit home built space plane multi configurable morphing wing lifting body autonomous robotic or manned

starlordstarlord 04/29/2018 at 05:290 Comments

I been searching through all my hard drives flash drives and sd cards and digging out the goods looking for some of my best space plane works that are worth detailing further in the upcoming weeks and months I will be taking them and cleaning them up finishing them out adding more details and descriptions and explanations and testing some stuff out before I start building the next more detailed validation prototype realizing this is going to take some work im wanting to also hit this project from a few different angels as mentioned earlier with the advances in 3d printing I am going to use what I got so far and start from scratch on a 3d print friendly version from the ground up the advantages to this are many but the big one hear is builders can out source the ideal situation being to buy the harder to build components a piece at a time like a kit plane reducing a lot of fabrication time to assembly  so we I looking at this from a lot of different angles how can I fast track this project make it blast off to sort of speak im not getting any younger just getting fatter and I want to break gravity with some hot super models and get in the 369mile high club I got the hang glider harness and bungee chords ready to go alright lets cut the bs and get back to business im not the know it all I don't have all the answers someone out there mite but I doubt it if they do there keeping to there self so where's all the talent well for starters right hear on hackaday i.o looking at all the projects there's a bunch of out right genus's right here so if you look at my projects page I started a parallel space plane project for every body to join in chine in participate you can just go hog wild on it after all space is the new wild wild west so where else can we get some brain farts the aerospace industry otherwise known as the industrial military complex oh shit the star lords going over to the dark side traitor bastard now just hold on one second before you start getting your torches and rope hear me out the industrial military complex where talking about every aircraft aerospace company and all there supporting company's both world wide collectively and individually the bottom line is the hard truth that hardly anyone talks about all these corporations and all the people in them from the stock holders to the ceos to the guy mowing the grass the designers the sectary's the lunch lady are participating in a massive endeavor to kill other human beings alright that's harsh but at the rock bottom line that's the absolute truth this is a massive world wide undertaking where the end result ends up being the whole sale killing of human beings how stupid is that for whatever reason and usually the reason is bull shit these are the serious enablers but have to be considered just as responsible its like if someone robes a bank and kills everyone in the bank the getaway driver gets charged with murder to but when you have thousands of getaway drivers its ok right like then you have hundreds politicians waging tribal warfare does that not spread out the blame I think not so the point im getting at who better to try and co opt turn than these misguided souls use there evil genius that have kept the world one push button away from nuclear Armageddon to finally man up and help humanity but how the hell you plan on doing that these are some serous greedy rotten bastards exactly just point out to them how much more money they can make enabling a open source space economy and that's what I been doing going down the list boeing spacex Grumman lockhed relativity space scaled composites im just getting started think of it like this out of the hundreds of world wide corporations even if none sign on the word will eventfully get out to some employees so say if I get one employee or past employee from even one percent of the world wide system I would be able to rival or surpass even the giants of the aerospace industry why because where not going to turn anyone down everyone can participate