still going at it

A project log for single stage to orbit robotic space plane

single stage to orbit home built space plane multi configurable morphing wing lifting body autonomous robotic or manned

starlordstarlord 09/10/2018 at 07:030 Comments

the project is still in the works I haven't given up im still working on refining my design and saving up for another test model and also exploring the concept of furthering this morphing wing system further with a combined morphing fuselage where you go from a stol type low altitude aircraft to a hypersonic wave riding fuselage to a reentry vehicle fuselage and back to stol configuration another holy grail on top of having a single stage to orbit space plane I believe this is the direction to go to further the project for a ship to brake orbit my currant published design concept is still very viable and does do some morphing l left out a front spoiler or trim device and details on control surfaces I still have to test going forward with more complex systems and components 3d printing and design will be even more extensive