A project log for All-In-One ESP8266 IFTTT Button

This is an IFTTT IoT button based on Noel Portugal's design but implemented on an ESP826-07 breakout board with a built-in button.

stopsendingmejunkstopsendingmejunk 12/31/2015 at 03:460 Comments

The board will now create an AP which I can connect to and I can pull up the configuration page at When I enter the details for my home wifi network the device will reboot and automatically trigger the IFTTT channel. Progress!

Problem is that after it connects and triggers the channel, it goes immediately back into AP mode, and the only way to get it to trigger again is to reconfigure everything all over again.

It is resetting because of the way it is designed with a low-power mode that leaves it off. Since I haven't hooked any of that up yet and am running off of USB, I don't want it to shutdown or reset after executing the IFTTT connection. I'm not totally familiar with LUA so am not sure what to do next but I'm tinkering around with it.

What I'm really confused about is why it is losing its connection data and making me re-enter it.