while(digitalRead(soundPin) == LOW){
//keep the doppler effect mode activated
      accelgyro.getMotion6(&ax, &ay, &az, &gx, &gy, &gz);
//get data
      vib = abs(gz)/1000; //the gz variable is actually accelerator data
      //this is calibrated though the division and simplified to use by absolute value
      if(vibEnable == 1 && vib >= 2){ 
   //though "blinking" the vibrato/doppler effect is simulated
   //this activates only, when the calibrated acceleration value exceeds 1
        myservo.write(vib*6 + 6); //outputs the digitally calculated value to the servo which feeds the analogue theremin circuit.
        vibEnable = 0;
        myservo.write(vib*6 - 6);
        vibEnable = 1;
      delay(20); // this is necessary, because the servo requires some time to move (about 60 degrees per second)