OTRESC - BLDC Controller

A BLDC motor controller with position and speed control, intended for use in medium sized robots.

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A Brushless DC motor controller with position and speed control.

Uses a SAMC21 microcontroller.
Uses the DRV830X gate driver.
Uses the TLV493D magnetic sensor to read the shaft position and speed.
CAN-FD bus for a reliable communication network.

The board is designed to be used in robots with 3 major ideas in mind:
- Size (33mm x 33mm): Smaller size allows better integration in different projects.
- Price: Robots have lots of motors, has to be cheap to allow affordable robots.
- Modularity: Has to be able to adapt easily to different motors.

The board has the magnetic sensor integrated, which calculates the shaft position. A magnet has to be attached to the motor shaft, and the board has to be located behind the motor. This eliminates the need of having a bulky mechanical encoder, in exchange of some precision and speed loss.

This project is in a very early state. I welcome all comments, help and tips!

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Gravis wrote 05/07/2018 at 20:29 point

What does LLM stand for?

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Alberto wrote 06/06/2018 at 11:38 point

Just changed the name to something more related: OTRESC, being OTR the first 3 letters of my username+ ESC being Electronic Speed Controller. LLM was a stupid acronim reused from an old project were I was using the same magnetic sensor.

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