OpenOCD installer Script

A project log for BLEezy: Raspberry Pi Zero

An easy to use BLE module for the Raspberry Pi based on the nRF51x chipset

julienjulien 01/17/2016 at 13:450 Comments

This board is all about the hardware but I want to sort out the software as well so its very easy to use. The first step was to get OpenOCD on the PI in a way that doesnt confuse people who are new to the Pi. So I created a simple OpenOCD installer script. The script will install all dependencies, clone openocd, build & install, and test the installation. The script is on github (oh yeah i moved the git)!

I dont have a Pi at the moment so if someone could please test this for me that would be great! it wont damage anything you currently have setup on your Pi.

Also this works on most Linux Distros and machines so it might be handy for your computer as well.

OpenOCD Installer Script