DIY Home Security System

advanced movement detection with noise filtering and error correction to prevent false alarms

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instead of attach wires everywhere of house with a classic alarm system, decided to built my own by using my home's wifi network.

+ less cost
+ more reliable, no false alarms
+ works via ethernet, so it can be work cable-free by attaching it to wifi router.
+ more stylish than a regular pir sensor

also regular alarm systems just waking up whole apartment when it's turned on, this setup can also notifies the user who walking in other rooms, which room has people etc. which is increases the environment awareness.

cost: $30
time: two business days, approx 16 hours

ino - 3.47 kB - 01/02/2016 at 14:01


  • 1 × arduino uno
  • 1 × arduino ethernet shield
  • 1 × PIR sensor
  • 1 × LDR, light level detector
  • 1 × ds1820, temperature probe

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