Schlieren Videography at the Orkney International Science Festival 2016

A project log for Schlieren-Videography

With this project I want to show you how you can make Schlieren-Videography at home. To do so we will use the Moiré-effect.

Mark Dammer MM0DQMMark Dammer MM0DQM 09/03/2016 at 17:240 Comments

I presented Schlieren Videography at the family day of the Orkney International Science Festival in Kirkwall today. Over 900 visitors had the chance to enjoy the live projection of schlieren imaging with this python program. This brings a new release - with new functionality:

- reducing the pattern size to 0 completely disables the background window.
- press "M" for a new motion compensation mode that simply processes the difference between successive frames or framestacks.

- multiple images can be stacked before equalization - this reduces noise. Press 1-9 to stack 1 (no stacking) to 9 images. Larger image numbers can be choosen through the command line option.

The Schlieren project setup - from left to right: Computer to generate pattern, Screen for pattern projection, Candle as example object, camera, image processing computer showing an old NASA schlieren image of the X15 as example, projector on chair.

Projection of live schlieren image in the presentation area of our T-Exchange makerspace - still picture and video:

Schlieren video taken at the OISF. It shows a gas powered hot air gun. The used settings are: Enabled Filters: Equalizer, Blur; Color Palette 2: