A project log for Seek_r

Seek_r is an autonomous rover designed for exploration. Fitted with a number of sensors, can navigate spaces & react to the things it finds.

dev-joshiDev Joshi 04/23/2014 at 19:010 Comments

Seek_r started out as an introductory project in Creative Embedded Systems while I was at university. Once that was over however, the project just sort of - carried on. Just as it started, Seek_r is really a self-indulgent platform which allows me to try stuff out and learn new things about embedded systems and so on. This page is a log of those things - hopefully it will be of some use to someone.

The original brief: Create an object which reacts to changes in temperature. After my more sensible friends talked me out of actually setting things on fire I settled on the following outline specification. 

There is a room full of candles and obstacles. Devise an object which can navigate the space and upon discovering a lit candle, extinguish it.