Few Design Choices made, and a few to decide

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An "ultimate" DIY LoRa Gateway Backplane

Ryan WalmsleyRyan Walmsley 03/19/2018 at 17:490 Comments

Just a quick update on a few design choices made.

Voltage Regulators

I have decided to go for a linear voltage regulator in the design for the reduced noise. While the theoretical maximum waste is 14W Of heat an estimated 5W is more realistic. 

The chip chosen also isn't the cheapest and I could have possibly got away with one at half the cost, however this one can handle up to 2A and is a bigger package allowing for better heat dissipation. It also has built in over current, thermal and over voltage protection.

SBC Choice

I am planning on using the NanoPi Duo and have ordered one. This will be ideal for this project as like the Onion Omega it has a built in ethernet phy and like most other SBCs is a full linux OS. Specced with a Quad Core H2+ and 512MB Of Ram is ideal for a packet forwarder and should be able to run the newer kersing variation of the packet forwarder which supports the TTN Gateway Connector Protocol. (

Software Choice

As mentioned I plan to use the kersing forwarder however am not sure on how I will be configuring it.

The current options are: