V24-03-2018-1 Prototypes Ordered!

A project log for "Ultimate" Lora Gateway Backplane

An "ultimate" DIY LoRa Gateway Backplane

Ryan WalmsleyRyan Walmsley 03/25/2018 at 09:350 Comments

I have now ordered the hopefully final design for my LoRa Backplane.

Eagle Screenshot of the routing

Quite a few changes have been made between this version and the previous. Here's a quick summary

In total the BOM has been reduced to around 12 Items. The NanoPi Duo and IC880a Headers all use 0.1" Female headers which can be cut to the correct sizes. And the RAK831 can use 0.1" Male Headers which can be easily snapped.

The PCBs should be here in around a week and hopefully work first time. I'll report on it then!