Version 2 is complete - Final Tweaks & Crowdfunder

A project log for "Ultimate" Lora Gateway Backplane

An "ultimate" DIY LoRa Gateway Backplane

Ryan WalmsleyRyan Walmsley 06/10/2018 at 11:300 Comments

I've finished version 2 of my LoRa Backplane and with quite a lot of interest on twitter and a bit in the TTN Slack I thought I'd post about it here.

Its finally completed, here's a final list of features and functions.


If you are interested in potentially buying one:
If you're interested in buying one, this may launch on Indiegogo because of the risks involved. However to begin with you can sign up to the emailing list at , you'll then get emailed if the project launches. The current estimated price is £30 / 35 EUR / 40USD plus postage (5-10). 
You'll have to buy a Raspberry Pi and RAK831 or ic880a-SPI elsewhere.

If the email list doesn't get enough interest then the campaign won't launch., Unless you opt into the indiegogo email only I get your email address of which it'll only be used to email you to notify you if it launches and nothing else.

Disclaimer: Raspberry Pi is a Trademark of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, While designed for use with a Raspberry Pi & either IMST ic880a or RAK Wireless RAK831 there is no affiliation or endosment by the companies.