Indoor GrowBot Intro

A project log for Indoor/Outdoor GrowBot

This is an opensource, modular garden system designed specifically for automation, IoT monitoring and remote control.

ProgressTHProgressTH 01/04/2016 at 11:270 Comments

January 4, 2016 | ProgressTH | Indoor GrowBot Intro

The project is starting out as a very basic frame, literally just 18mm PVC pipe and 3D printed connectors designed to be modular, and eventually will be built on top of over the next several weeks and months.

It is the continuation of previous projects we've worked on since Bangkok's maker scene really starting growing last year. We'd love to see other people take this design and run with it.

We already have prototyped an automatic fish feeder for an aquaponics system, have been working on a 3D printed water pump (peristaltic), and stand-alone sensors for everything from temperature and humidity monitoring, to soil moisture, water levels, and even a webcam to keep an eye on it all remotely.

Now it is time to integrate it all together.

It's fun, educational, and has already helped inspire others locally to get involved in designing their own fish feeders, gardening systems etc. We'd like to see this mature into full-fledged system and even see the vegetables produced in them at all the artisan farmers' markets popping up everywhere.