Rooftop Garden Nearing Completion

A project log for Indoor/Outdoor GrowBot

This is an opensource, modular garden system designed specifically for automation, IoT monitoring and remote control.

ProgressTHProgressTH 03/21/2016 at 19:020 Comments

March 22, 2016 | ProgressTH It looks like our deadline of completing the first phase of the rooftop garden is still on track. We picked up some earthworms from a vermiculture operation who helped us learn how to keep them healthy and producing onsite organic fertilizer. The vermiculture stock also makes great feedstock if we decide to go into crayfish aquaponics.

The machine below (Phetchaburi, Thailand 2016) is used to sift the earthworms out of the compost. The soil on the ground is very rich. The worms come out the lower end of the spinning drum and end up in a container for aspiring worm ranchers to start their own operation.

We have 1 square meter bed already in place and will be making the ferrocement boards for at least another 1x2 meter bed.

Automation and sensors will come shortly after. We want to focus on creating a sustainable, basic organic garden first, then add layers of technology on top of that to give us better insight into the problems gardeners face and how best to solve them.

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