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Robotic platform for water quality sensors inspired by clams.

Michael Barton-SweeneyMichael Barton-Sweeney 11/02/2018 at 20:411 Comment

I don't have a lot of videos of the clams, and need to setup a regime for testing that includes video documentation, but I came across some video I made a few years ago of the first clam while I was testing it's solenoid.

Here are videos of it in air and in water before I attached the solenoid to the top shell:

The first clam used an air core solenoid and was not very powerful, but was powerful enough to open the shell and break the seal (for the clam to descend into the water).


Sam Ettinger wrote 10/19/2021 at 00:25 point

This sounds very cool, but the videos are currently set to "Private" so no one else can see them!

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