Small update

A project log for Mini rpi2 laptop

Small form factor laptop in the style of old HPC's like the Jornada.

pdrift86pdrift86 01/11/2016 at 22:590 Comments

Well Ive been waiting on some parts from China. I haven't been able to work on the keyboard because I didn't have the connector for the ribbon cable but today it finally arrived.

I ordered some 24 pin fpc connectors with 1mm pitch hoping that was the correct spacing and woohoo! It was.

The cable only uses 23 pins but there is a gap so I was hoping a 24 pin connector would work. Luckily it does.

I also remade the housing and although it looks a little chunky, I will leave it as is for now that way i have extra space for more components if I need it. Here are some pictures of the housing.

My source for thin mdf boards lol.

An angle grinder with a cutting disc makes quick work of the thin board. Maybe over kill but works for me. I finish up the cuts with a dremel.

Pieces all cut out.

Like the first case, I hot glued it together.

Bonus image,

Woah what's this? My PI2 seems to have reproduced, Twins pi zeros!

I actually drove an hour away to the only Micro Center in Pennsylvania to buy those. They had 10 in stock but a one per household limit, so I had my wife purchase one using my mom's address lol. I haven't even powered them on yet due to lack of micro hdmi adapters. I just ordered a cable from amazon so I can try them out. Maybe I'll make an extremely tiny laptop with one lol.