Technical difficulties!

A project log for Mini rpi2 laptop

Small form factor laptop in the style of old HPC's like the Jornada.

pdrift86pdrift86 01/24/2016 at 06:200 Comments

Well I messed up. I tried programming the teensy and now it doesn't work. I used a program called easyavr (usb keyboard firmware and keymapper) to make a hex file then flashed it with teensy loader. It was successful but it didn't work. Nothing happens when I press keys on the keyboard and I tried reflashing the blink program with teensyduino but when it says press the reset button to reprogram, it doesn't work.

I'm currently searching for a way to restore the teensy.

Here are some pics of me browsing my favorite site on the rpi2 laptop using a wireless keyboard. Hopefully I will not need it soon.