Battle Bot

Project aimed at constructing a 'Battle Capable' Robot

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The Aim
- To design and build a fighting robot
- I am aware that there are many rules and regulations around fighting robots but at this time i
am not worried about meeting them (at least no on the first attempt)

- For the hell of it
- Why not, i love designing and building things and it is something that will keep me occupied
for years upgrading and bettering it as my knowledge base increases.

About a year ago it was suggested to me as a joke that two of us should design and build a robot each and pit them against each other. Even tho it was just a joke, it got me thinking that it was something that i would love to do. And as i had only just started Uni as an Aerospace Engineer it meant that i was able to seek many peoples advise on various things which is an opportunity i may not get again. And so the project was born.

As a student however i am on a very tight budget. So I am taking it as an opportunity to get the framework in place (literally) so that i can add to it as i go on, forever upgrading/rebuilding it and making it better.

Hey, every one has to start somewhere.

  • 2 × 3m Sections of 20mm x 20mm x 2.5mm Steel Box Section For the frame - Considered Aluminum but due to the complexity and my limited experience with a welder i decided upon steel for the prototype
  • 1 × 500mm x 500mm x 3mm Steel Plate For making the mounts and Gears
  • 1 × 2.4Ghz 6Ch Tx & Rx V2 Radio A cheap 6 channel Radio that i bought for testing purposes of all my RC projects (this is very likely to change in the later stages)
  • 2 × Ford Fiesta Mk4 Wiper Motor Windscreen wiper motor from a Ford Fiesta Mk 4
  • 1 × Sabertooth 25A duel V2 Speed Controller A duel channel speed controller with a lot to offer

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  • Chassis

    matsiongriff04/25/2014 at 23:05 1 comment

    So finally, over a year since the spark of an idea and about 8 months of research. The first CAD of the base chassis is complete. I aim to have built it this far by the end of June. The main frame (Red) I intend to keep no mater what as it is as simple as they get. Sure there may well be many component changes through the course of the project, but i am hoping that the mounting plates (Blue) will allow me to do that with no trouble. No weapons so far, i want to get it built and moving around before i even think any of that.

  • First Casualty

    matsiongriff04/24/2014 at 12:39 0 comments

    It turns out that over-volting the 15 year old motors is not a good idea, gave it 24V just to see if i could;

    it worked for about 20 seconds until there was a bang ans the brushes snapped and got caught in the magnets. Thankfully they only cost me £3 each.

  • Start On The Frame Design

    matsiongriff04/24/2014 at 11:41 0 comments

    Having spent a good few months researching the web and gathering a couple of universal components such as radio equipment for testing purposes  I decided that i should start by designing and building a solid frame to work off. Below is a very ruff SolidWorks model of the base frame (it is subject to change as the design moves forward). 

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