Brain transplant for K150 programmer

Cheap chinese programmer revisited

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Cheap chinese programmer revisited

In this analysis I took a loot at K150 programmer, available at usual sources for as low as 6 dollars. My goals:

1, Ability to program newer devices, not just older PIC16/PIC18 MCUs.

2, Open sourced firmware and software

3, Make as few adjustments as possible

  • First PIC programmed

    jaromir.sukuba01/07/2016 at 14:14 0 comments

    I ported sources for my Arduino programmer to fit K150 hardware. In fact, it wasn't that difficult, sources are written in C and the structure is quite plain and simple, so I only had to rewrite few hardware dependant functions, something like 20 lines of code or so.

    I replaced the original MCU in programmer (PIC16F628) for new one - PIC16F1847 in temporary development socket (only needed for my development, the PIC will go directly into original socket after development)

    did this single hardware mod

    used the exposed ICSP connector on K150 PCB, wired target

    and flashed with new firmware. After calling pp software it just worked, basically on first try

    So now, this programmer supports what Arduino programmer supports, with with outlook of support for older PIC devices needing 12V on MCLR pin to switch to programming mode.

    To perform this conversion, only PIC16F1847 with new firmware and diode hack is needed. More details in future project logs.

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k8lh wrote 01/20/2016 at 17:53 point

Well done, Jaromir.  Have you posted PIC16F1847 source somewhere, Sir?

Oops! I found it...  Thank you, Sir...

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