The (in)complete list of DIY soldering station projects to rule them all

A project log for DIY Soldering Station Musings

A collection of ideas/projects and my personal take on it

Stefan LochbrunnerStefan Lochbrunner 01/08/2016 at 23:011 Comment

I might be falling into a pattern...

For now I just want to collect all the sources in one place. The list is somewhat sorted but hopefully I'll go over this list again and summarize all/most of them and maybe do some more sorting.

A quick heads up: There are a lot of duplicate links but I wanted to document for myself how/where I found the projects.

Hakko 907:

Hakko T12

Weller RT:

Weller WSP80:

Modded mains soldering iron:


While I focused on soldering stations here, you might also want to check out the official soldering-tools list if you haven't already.

Edit 2016-03-28: Added #Soldering pen

Edit 2016-03-28 #2: Added

Edit 2016-05-07: Added #Yet another DIY soldering station


Koo Chen Soon wrote 05/21/2017 at 14:23 point

Thank you for sharing ! :-)

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