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usb stick with micro-sd card, 32bit ARM, and hardware encryption


every (nearly every?) disk encryption uses XTS, and I think we can do better (better security-wise).

in Niels Ferguson writes:

It is tempting to add a nonce or MAC value to the ciphertext. However,

making the ciphertext larger than the plaintext is not feasible. Both

the disk and the operating system work in sectors whose size is a

power of two. We could map a 512 byte OS sector into a 1024 byte

disk-sector, but that would entail the loss of half the disk capacity,

a price users are not willing to pay. We could reserve one in every 16

sectors to store the MAC and nonce values for the other 15 sectors,

but this has several problems. First of all, writing to sector x means

updating an additional sector that contains the nonce and MAC. This

turns a write into a read-then-write with the associated performance

loss. Furthermore, it could damage the nonce/MAC sector (e.g. if there

is a power failure), which would lead to the loss of the other 14 data

sectors; also unacceptable. Finally, for various usability,

manageability, and deployment reasons, it must be possible to enable

and disable BitLocker on an existing disk. (Think of a user upgrading

to a new Windows version that includes BitLocker and enabling

BitLocker on an existing disk.) Adding nonce/MAC sectors modifies the

disk layout (and reduces the amount of available disk space) making it

extremely complicated to enable and disable in-place. Add to that the

various failure modes that can happen during the conversion, and it

becomes infeasible to do this conversion in a reliable way. The final

conclusion is that we cannot add a MAC to each disk sector in a way

that would be acceptable to most users.

and yes, for general purpose consumer-grade disk encryption, this is certainly true.

but for you? for me? why not put the security first, and deal with the issues.

  • so, reserve 1 in 16 sectors to store nonces and MACs.
  • use an intent-log to recover after a power failure.

  • 1 × stm32f415 microcontroller - ARM with hardware crypto

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Ale o co chodzi wrote 12/10/2023 at 16:23 point

why not encrypt flash drive too? and not add buttons ans screen for OneTimePass?

usb A female and host usb and usb A men or usb C for flash drive

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