Ruddy Mucker Flying Ship quadcopter drone

What is better than a 3D printed ship? One that flies!!

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At more than 700mm long, this long ship is my first water/air-going RC attempt. This ship bridges the shore gap in that it can transfer itself from water to land (or dock), avoiding operator wet feet.
See my video at

Originally designed as a vessel to carry side-scan sonar equipment, this vehicle provides an easy transition into and out of the water. The original design also incorporated pontoons for stability on the water. Rather than a traditional (water) prop motivational system, the same props that haul it around in the air provide motion in the water as well. This allows the ship to travel in shallow and debris laden waters.

As part of the project development, I would like to improve the surface drive system as using the same props is not efficient. Adding the pontoons of the original design is also in the future plans. Decking, cabin and water-proof housing for the electronics are also on the table for development.

All hull pieces were printed in PLA from on a vanilla printrbot simple metal with a 150mmx150mm print bed.

  • 4 × 2213 935kv Turnigy outrunner BLDCs I would recommend bigger motors
  • 4 × 10 inch 4.5in pitch propellers
  • 1 × Q-Brain 4-in-1 25Amp ESC nice it comes in one contained package
  • 1 × 3D printed hull/frame Printed in PLA plastic from, available in my Tindie store
  • 1 × Misc hardware and fasteners

  • Design Details

    ken.do07/24/2017 at 19:24 0 comments

    Design Detai

  • It flies!

    ken.do06/13/2017 at 17:04 0 comments

    Well, it flies!

    I said 'Well, it flies!', not 'It flies well!' :)

    The motors are a little underpowered for this much required lift, but this can be adjusted to fit better. The hull is as thin as possible, and all other components are fairly light.

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