Lapel Gears

Decorative gears for your lapel, or anywhere else

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This is a fashion project for a set of moving gears to wear on the lapel of a men's frock coat for a sudo steampunk costume for a masquerade ball I am going to.

So the wife and I got invited to a masquarade ball... a first for us, but we love to dress up, so we were all over this one. We wanted to do something fun so we decided a sudo steampunk/victorian theme would be fun to try. We don't really do Cosplay, but I dig the idea of Cosplay and though this would be a fun project. This part of the project came about when I stumbled on a lapel gear project that was inspired by another lapel gear project. I have taken the ideas from both, tweaked the files and added my own files and printing and deign elements to make it my own, it is in process, but almost done as it is not super complex.

  • Finished product

    JediFix01/17/2016 at 23:03 0 comments

    Everything (except the backing) was sanded, primed with black primer, the center gear was then painted with Krylon Antique Brass spray paint and the three small gears were painted with a few coats each with Krylon metallic paint pens. All the gears were then sealed with a Krylon matte finish clear coat (no, I don't work for Krylon, it is just what they had when I want paint shopping).

    I had picked up some XTC-3D filler, but I did not have the time to use it before I needed these for the party.

    The backing fit perfectly under the lapel of the frock coat I had rented, I used some of the extra gears I had printed in silver filament to make some last minute cufflinks (not pictured).

    The lapel gears worked great all not, I only bumped one off all night and noticed right away that I did. They turned perfectly against the fabric of the coat and they were a big hit. I am really happy with how this turned out and I give big Thanks to the projects that inspired me and the designer of the gears!

  • Log 2

    JediFix01/11/2016 at 00:19 0 comments

    Painting is done! I still need to seal all the pieces, but it is raining out and I need everything to dry better first.

    Here are some images and a gif of the action. you can see the magnets on the backside of the backing plate (on the right).

  • Log 1 - Starting

    JediFix01/10/2016 at 20:09 0 comments

    I took zheng3's design, printed it at 200% (but only 100% z-axis) and printed one large gear and 3 of the small gears. I then created a 3-pointed backing and some caps to fit on either side of the magnets to hide them.

    I printed the gears, used my awesome Bondic pen to glue in the caps on the back of the gears to hold them in place, press fit the magnets (I had a bunch of 1/2"x1/16' neodymium magnets around) press fit and glued (Bondic) the caps to cover the magnets. I sanded all the gears and I am currently waiting for the 3rd coat of Krylon Matte Black spay to dry.

    The plan is to do the large center gear in Krylon Antique Brass and the other 3 will be done with gold, silver and copper paint pens and then all will be sealed with a clear coat.

    Here is a pic of the unpainted gears clipped to my shirt for testing. You can see the magnets on the three small gears as I had not put the top caps on yet. The backing is under my shirt and has 4 magnets aligned with the 4 gears.

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